AAH Debunk – Tilde – Aug 11

theres a neat way that the louse has taught us about our own anatomical development in the past. the body louse and head louse are very different. the body louse lives mainly on clothes and has adapted thusly, changing away from the head louse, which has stayed the same for a very long time, and when us humans were still covered in hair, they ranged over the whole body. now they are relegated to the head.

researchers have pinned down a rough range of when the head louse adapted into the body louse. about 120k to 80k years ago. the first clothes were warn during this period. humans were becoming less hairy. this is a recent development in the scale of human evolution.

one of the hinges on which the aquatic ape hypothesis rests is that we are relatively hairless and our hair follows water contours. it also hinges on the fat thing, as well. we have more subcutaneous fat because we are a hairless creature that survived a lengthy and devastating ice age not so long ago. the kinds of changes aah would have precipitated would have needed to occur millions of years ago, but millions of years ago, and up to 100k years ago, we were hairy apes. had aah been part of our history, we would have been hairless from 5 millions years ago and on.

we werent. we were hairy up until 100k years ago, and we’re fatty because we’re a) hairless and b) the brain requires an ENORMOUS amount of energy. the best way for an animal with a calorie glutton like the human brain is subcutaneous fat. that’s why humans gain weight much quicker and more easily than other predatory animals when fed a fatty diet. a bear eats nothing but salmon fat for 9 months and gets fat for hibernation, but most of that fat is marbled into the bears muscles. we put our fat in a insulating ring around our innards.

thats why the aah is garbage.