Welcome to Sandy Springs – 1mpper – Mar 11

In the Michigan thread there seems to be a lot of surprise over the wonderful development of incorporating towns to be run by private corporations. As if this is something new! No, my friends, it’s been happening all over the past decade and the red-blooded American results of this new extreme trend of neoliberalism (embrace the term! free your mind and free your markets!) can be viewed by all!

The front-runner, no that is too neutral of a term: the modern day American revolutionaries of this next-step in governing are the friendly Republicans of Sandy Springs, Georgia. They looked around them, in their wallets, in their trust funds, in their tax returns, and realized: Our taxes are going to free-loading filthy uneducated scummy and democrat-loving Negroes in South Fulton county! This blatant unfairness and disregard for the well-being of our own pristine White suburb could not possibly stand!!

But, fortunately, there was a solution, praise be to God. Our heroic White suburbanites took up arms and voted 94% to secede from the county and incorporate themselves as their own city! Democracy in action, folks! Promptly, the Leader of these hard-working Mansion-living people was elected mayor.

Finally, the goal was attained: Almost every city service was contracted to the friendly and loving folks over at the American defense contractor (known from their work in Iraq and post-Katrina New Orleans) CH2M HILL. Merely pay them tens of millions of dollars and they sub-contract to take care of all necessary services, better than any dusty ol’ bureaucrat could do ’em, and at a profit – truly the American spirit!

Now allow me to let lungfish’s favorite libertarian foundation Reason tell the rest of the tale:
“The real reasonable Americans at Reason posted:

What makes Sandy Springs relatively unique is what the new city looks like today. Rather than create an entire new bureaucracy, they privatized virtually every city function. Moments after taking the oath of office for the first time Mayor Eva Galambos said, “We have harnessed the energy of the private sector to organize the major functions of city government instead of assembling our own bureaucracy. This we have done because we are convinced that the competitive model is what has made America so successful. And we are here to demonstrate that this same competitive model will lead to an efficient and effective local government.”

Meanwhile Fulton County officials are faulting a deficit on the Sandy Springs effect. Turns out that Sandy Springs taxpayers had been subsidizing other government functions to the tune of $26 million a year, and receiving sub-par services to boot. The county commission needs to tackle the problem head on – a high cost of services and poor performance — rather than blame their ills on Sandy Springs.

boo… hiss… those evil Negroes in the rest of Fulton: stand up on your own two feet for a change instead of proclaiming yourselves to be Victims at the hands of hardworking real American Whites. Victimhood is not American. Have you thought about selling all your county services to a corporation too? Thought not. You can only GET never GIVE.


If you’re a blame-america-first leftie faggot you may be sitting there thinking in your empty dogmatic mind that there must be more to the story. Since I’m a free-market kind of guy and give to the markets what the markets want over my own pristine ideals, I’ll end off this post fair and balanced with a documentary from the terrorist network Al Jazeera trying to decry American progress and ingenuity.

Sandy Springs was the first domino, and there are already contractor (charter?) cities incorporating all across our wonderful nation from sea to shining sea. Even in California! I love you America. And I love privatization!