[The Society of the Spectacle] Situationist International – Bograth – Feb 11


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The Situationist International were an artistic and revolutionary-political movement based most famously in France that sprung up in 1957 in Italy coming from such groups such as COBRA, Dadaists, Surrealists, Marxists and various other fields of political dissadents.

Born from a tradition based in existentialism, surrealism, dadaism, lettrism and marxism, the situationists had many views but were united in the idea, as best put by prominent theorist guy debord that society had become a spectacle.

“The spectacle is capital accumulated to the point where it becomes image.”

http://www.bopsecrets.org/images/sos.pdf – Society of the Spectacle – PDF


Quote from Guy Debord’s Report on the Construction of Situations

“We are going through a crucial historical crisis in which each year poses more acutely the global problem of rationally mastering the new productive forces and creating a new civilization. Yet the international working-class movement, on which depends the prerequisite overthrow of the economic infrastructure of exploitation, has registered only a few partial local successes. Capitalism has invented new forms of struggle (state intervention in the economy, expansion of the consumer sector, fascist governments) while camouflaging class oppositions through various reformist tactics and exploiting the degenerations of working-class leaderships. In this way it has succeeded in maintaining the old social relations in the great majority of the highly industrialized countries, thereby depriving a socialist society of its indispensable material base. In contrast, the underdeveloped or colonized countries, which over the last decade have engaged in the most direct and massive battles against imperialism, have begun to win some very significant victories. These victories are aggravating the contradictions of the capitalist economy and (particularly in the case of the Chinese revolution) could be a contributing factor toward a renewal of the whole revolutionary movement. Such a renewal cannot limit itself to reforms within the capitalist or anticapitalist countries, but must develop conflicts posing the question of power everywhere.

The shattering of modern culture is the result, on the plane of ideological struggle, of the chaotic crisis of these antagonisms. The new desires that are taking shape are presented in distorted form: present-day resources could enable them to be fulfilled, but the anachronistic economic structure is incapable of developing these resources to such ends. Ruling-class ideology has meanwhile lost all coherence because of the depreciation of its successive conceptions of the world (a depreciation which leads the ruling class to historical indecision and uncertainty); because of the coexistence of a range of mutually contradictory reactionary ideologies (such as Christianity and social-democracy); and because of the mixing into contemporary Western culture of a number of only recently appreciated features of several foreign civilizations. The main goal of ruling-class ideology is therefore to maintain this confusion.”

SOME BORING ESSAY by someone!!:
situationists in relation to other forms of marxist though or “The New Left”


this “spectacle” was based in a capitalist framework, stemming from the definition of the self through commodities and of appearances. situationists wished to oppose this false construction of the capitalist society and the culture that has been born of it and to destroy it.

“The spectacle is not a collection of images, but a social relation among people, mediated by images.”

the rise in situationist during the period of 1957 to 1968 contributed to a reconstruction of the french zeitgeist, no longer fuelled by nationalistic pride which culminated in the famous MAY 1968 RIOTS

may 1968 political art and slogans

Wikipedia article on the 1968 protests

Paris Uprising Documentary on the May 1968 riots



“Our Immediate Tasks
We must call attention, among the workers parties or the extremist tendencies within those parties, to the need to undertake an effective ideological action in order to combat the emotional influence of advanced capitalist methods of propaganda. On every occasion, by every hyper-political means, we must publicize desirable alternatives to the spectacle of the capitalist way of life, so as to destroy the bourgeois idea of happiness.”
Guy Debord Report on the Construction of Situations


Situationist philosophy advocates the redestribution of society along ideas of the reduction of capitalist frameworks in order to reconstruct the world, in every moment, in everyday life, to strive towards agency and earnest interactions between people and a realisation of the self. Cities would become communal spaces, to tear down art and live the realisation that so many artists had depicted and strived for in their work.

(does anyone know anything about the SI and would like to contribute because i feel like i am not doing the ideas justice so ill post lots of shit you can click on)

situationist comic strips

Raoul Vaneigem – The Revolution of Everyday Life

Afterwards, the situationists drifted apart, as a result of harsh crackdowns from the french government, a sudden influx of fame which displeased many of the situationists as well as splits within the many groups that made up SI. As each of SI’s figures branched off into new direction, the strength of the group faded and the moment which had been seized so fervently in the mindset of may 1968 waned and the ideas of the Situationists have found themselves relegated to merely being regarded as a failed revolution and yet superfiscially, some of the ideas of the situationists can be seen in the undercurrents of many facets of today in art and music being sold in a shallow non-critical form.

this op really isnt as good as i had hoped but i will probably fix the quality later and add more resources incase anyone is interested in SI theory.


YOUTUBES and detournements

Alice in Wonderland or Who is Guy Debord?

Cultural Theory: Commodity Fetishism

Raoul Vaneigem – La Vie S’écoule

english lyrics:


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