you’re young and idealistic and you thought egypt was going somewhere – discipline – Feb 11

you were wrong! day 14 and the protests are winding down. businesses and banks are reopening, traffic is clearing, and while tens of thousands of protesters remain in tahrir square, they can just sit there all pretty as they have been for the next six months before we drop another zionist into the president’s seat.

it was sure exciting, wasn’t it? I remember being excited when they were gonna throw that APC into the nile. my good friend BABY FINLAND said this would be a perfect metaphor for the regime’s end. well…. I’m sorry BABY FINLAND, but like 30 people rocked that APC for a good 20 minutes and it didn’t go in the river! oh well~

everyone got pretty worked up about the muslim brotherhood, which was pretty funny and revealing to anyone who knows anything about the middle east because they’re basically a non-entity. there’s a reason they’ve never been more than an opposition party for like 100 years. but the fact that this is what they started selling people in the west made people like me sit back and think, oh, hum, they’re gonna let him stay in power I guess. when israel started ing all over their newspapers, the deal was sealed. why do you think the usa wouldn’t do anything for israel? I mean they let them drop white phosphorus on children and shoot US citizen minors point blank in international waters. they let israel blow up ships and suck the blood of america to the tune of 2 billion dollars per year. oh gosh. why do u think like this???

the fact of the matter is that 70 billion dollars in personal wealth can buy you a lot of things. like egypt for example. stacked up arms contracts with foreign governments are good insurance. the poor widdle muslim brotherhood – these dangerous islamic extremists! – walked out of talks with the government today saying they hadn’t achieved anything. why would the government need to concede a millimeter to these jokers? they hold all the cards. nobody’s told mubarak to get out (which is kind of sad if you think about it, one call from the white house outnumbering the egyptian will in influence but this is life) and nobody from the protests are that violent, so all he needs to do is wait out the news cycle before getting back to his nightstick sodomizing wife raping fingernail pulling (often at US request!) dollar dollar bills yall regime.

it was a good try though. good effort from team egyptian people. unfortunately they’re considered lower than dust on the world stage – especially when they insist on protesting in the most lovey-dovey “we’re gonna lay in the streets” sort of way. they couldn’t even push that APC in the water!

I’d probably blame this all on the egyptian army tbh. I mean with 1.5 billion dollars lining the general’s pockets every year not only do you get one of the most bloated and heavily armed militaries in the middle east, you also get a world of influence. it was almost like the generals were taking direct orders from obama this whole time. just wait it out guys. if the people start looking serious or whatever, fire a few tanks at them off camera. but the people didn’t need to get serious because they got hopeful when western governments started to “offer emotional support”. don’t worry guys! obama and the EU support your right to peacefully protest. last mistake you’ll ever make egyptians.. depending on the word of people who handed Mubarak the pliers to take out your freaking fingernails with!!!!!

anyway it’s all over now, or it will be in a few weeks. unless something drastic happens, the popular momentum behind these kinds of protests has lost steam. now that the egyptian people see it hasn’t gotten them anywhere they will be scared as heck. palestine is a test lab for a lot of policies the west shoves on arab populations and you will now see a palestinianization of egyptians as they lose even more interest in their government and instead start to worry more about how much foreign aid money will be coming in next year so they can buy new cars.