The Jouissance of Laibach – Impper – Jan 11

More Laibach than ever, Johnny Hallyday has dropped his legendary CADILLAC for a Soviet ZIL. He praises the Greatness of the Russian Nation, accompanied by an innocent Siberian Girl….

Isolation, Alienation, Loneliness – Johnny Hallyday knows these things. But Russia does not know these things. Follow us on Hallyday’s mystical journey to discover community, togetherness, and Life itself. Come, watch with me, be inspired, and learn. Together we feel the embrace of the USSR’s love as personified by the Angel. But Johnny Laibach’s destiny lies elsewhere…

Western Imperialism shows its ugly face. The cruel flag of the oppressor taunts us, the soul-less patriotic eagle preys on us; but Johnny Laibach teaches that the motorcycle can represent freedom–yes, True Freedom, from Desperation, from Separation, from Desecration.

The United States, an ancient and spiritual land? We say Yes…

Johnny Hallyday and its Militia explore on Motorbike the USA (2nd world war German motorbike B-Mashina). It is a mystical quest on the american deserts once the land of the proud and noble indigenous people. From the Myths of a futuristic Slovenia to the traditions of the Native Americans….

But Freedom is not Free. Who shows up, but that old scoundrel we have known and defeated so many times before: The Spirit of Hitler. Yes, Hitler can possess even Johnny Laibach (granted with assistance from Sacre Soiree’s becoming-SS symbologia). Be vigilant! There just may be Hitler in us all…

Laibach was invited by Johnny Michel Foucault Sacre Soiree, he remembers his remarks during a broadcast of the Jew Jacques Martin. A landmark scandal, or he sings “Leben heisst Leben” disguised as Adolf Hitler for “The School of FAFS”

As usual, who is there to bail us out? God! Of course! God! It could not have been anyone else. God and Laibach, who else? God is God. Laibach is Laibach. God is Laibach’s Faggot (Hitler need not apply).

Some have said Johnny Laibach is a collaboration. False! We quote the vicious rumors being spread: “The blonde Maniac is Johnny Hallyday, a french singer, with far right ideas, he befriended Laibach while touring yougoslavia…and since they have collaborated on several project… They ROCK!!!”

NO! Johnny Hallyday is not Johnny laibach. We Hyperboreans have always known this. Have you? Johnny Laibach is the synthesis of everything come before; only through eternal perseverance will the Path of the Future be revealed.

Johnny Laibach, We Too Have Gotten A Feeling