hydrogen or get out – Tom Collins – Dec 10

fuck yeah, let’s talk about energy. i really like hydrogen.

this motherfucker right here is cool.

where you can get him

lots of places.

  • water’s made of H2O, which means we have a shitton of potential hydrogen available everywhere via electrolysis.
  • natural gas, petroleum, most any other rich molecule can be reformed into hydrogen too.

you usually end up with some pollutants after reforming hydrogen from stuff like petroleum or natural gas, but it should be capturable. i figure one day we’ll discover how we can weave carbon nanotubes and/or diamonds out of “pollution”

so, we should get it out of electricity, eh?

yeah man which you can get that shit from??

  • solar
  • wind
  • hydroelectric, including both dams and run-of-river mills
  • tides
  • geothermal
  • nuclear
  • conventional shit

we should probably stop burning coal and/or re-branding it as “clean” at some point

whatcha gonna do with that hydrogen

lots of things, but for now let’s just burn the shit. seriously.

  • mix it with gasoline in an engine for better gas mileage
  • burn it on its own, instead of gasoline, like Mazda’s rotary hydrogen project
  • put it through a fuel cell, like a Ballard
  • blimps (just sayin’)

we’ve got some hydrogen powered busses out in the fleet where i live. mazda has minivans and RX-8s running on hydrogen alone (or with gasoline in tandem).

hell, apparently people in rural japan have been buying fuel cell generators for their houses and using piped or delivered natural gas to run them. cool. way better to have a quiet machine giving you cheap clean power than a noisy piston-engined generator.

how are people going to get hydrogen

i guess one day some smart fuel company will build a fuel system, perhaps in a half-shipping-container size for easy delivery, that can electrolyze water and also extract hydrogen from gasoline.

they’ll put one of these down at every gas station they own, and offer the fuel.

perhaps it would be a timed play with an auto manufacturer they had ties to, who is releasing a hydrogen powered vehicle. a move like that would change the world overnight.

using hydrogen for cars makes sense, more sense than anything else that’s feasible right now. the engine technology is here, the fuel generation technologies are here.

electric cars are just, well, lame. save for the impossible-for-the-everyman Tesla Roadster, they’re all tiny gay soap bubbles that putt up to highway speeds and seem diminutive and limiting to anyone with enough money to buy one. a hydrogen powered car could have four rotors and a turbo and push hundreds of horsepower on clean, renewable fuel. all electric cars will do for us is burn the fuck out of transmissions, unless we build them out of unobtanium.

the batteries are full of heavy, expensive metal that causes environmental havoc to mine. they’re a stillborn technology, still, tesla roadster notwithstanding – people need vehicles that can handle the rigours of the real world. if you want this shit to catch on, you can’t just build it for the fuckers living in Cali or BC who will have electric hookups at parking stalls. it’s got to be a technology that works for china, and india, the rural USA, semi truckers, and anyone else for whome 220V and a shitton of amps aren’t as reliably had.

hell, i’d be surprised if the north american grid could handle ten million more electric cars if we all bought them tomorrow. everyone would be plugging theirs in with a fucking huge 220V extension cord from the laundry room

so hydrogen or get out