Wesley Button is mad – We Are Friends! – Aug 10

Wesley Button: Mad About Money: A Play In Three Acts

Act One: Tragedy

Wesley Button posted:

im gonna poop in my mouthand wipe the poopy drool on bigets


WB: wh..what??!? banned? what the FUCK is this shit?

WB, reading the ban reason: “This’ll be funny if it works.” funny? FSAD, you think this shit is FUNNY??!? i’ll fucking….UGHHH

WB paces back and forth, trying to gather his thoughts. he’s clearly distraught about his ban, and he wants to get revenge on his assailant.

WB: i know what i have to do.

WB turns towards camera

WB: i’m going to teach these people a lesson.

To be continued…


Wesley Button: Mad About Money: A Play In Three Acts

Act Two: Farce

Wesley Button is sitting at his computer. his credit card is in front of him. he types in his information to reactivate his account and, after hovering over the “submit” button in a moment of indecision, pulls the trigger and pays the money

WB: this is such bullshit. i’m going to post a thread letting these people know that they fucked with the wrong person this time!!!

WB opens up a new thread, and starts typing

WB: i’ve really gotta hit this one out of the park if i ever want to get my proper revenge on these people. Let’s see…

Wesley Button posted:

I made a terrible mistake. I joked about poop — on page one of a thread. FSAD reminded me of the error of my ways by banning me for the poop joke. And I have to say I am thankful. Without him, I wouldn’t have known how damaging such jokes are to the OP’s psyche. I hereby apologize to Petey. I didn’t mean to damage the third thread about a boy who won’t say the pledge of allegiance because gay people can’t marry.

One other thing *giggles*. A stern warning to those who want to chat or joke on Page One of threads. That is for serious discussion ONLY and jokes and other such “normie” banter will not be tolerated. Page two and beyond, be as neurotypical as you want. But on page one, that crap will get you in trouble.

Thank you FSAD. To a brighter tomorrow for our great forum, and a more serious and punctuated future. (Yes you may get in trouble if you don’t use proper spelling and punctuation/capitalization on page one)

WB: perfect!! it’s perfect! i’m going to sticky this and lock it so nobody can sully its greatness

After an hour or so, WB decides to open up the thread for lf to post in. he furiously prepares a further post to illustrate his outrage, posts it, and opens up the thread

Wesley Button posted:

As an illustration, here is an example of a model thread for LF 2.0: http://forums.somethingawful.com/sh…hreadid=3231325. In the future, FSAD and I expect all threads to look like this. If they do not, appropriate punishment will be given.

In summation, besides the Debate and Discussion forum, we don’t really have a forum for Debating and Discussing. Until now.

Change you can believe in.

Page One.

WB: let’s see you deal with THIS, fsad!!!!

To be continued…


Wesley Button: Mad About Money: A Play In Three Acts

Act Three: The Rage Of The Forums Released, Overwhelming Power!!

FSAD’s reply is staring WB in the face

Fish Steer A Dhow posted:

lol mod meltdown

WB: aha! you think you’re SOOOO fucking clever fsad. well i’ve prepared for this contingency.

WB clicks the “warn” button and probates fsad for 6 hours

WB: that takes care of him. now i’ve got this shitty forum all to myself!! ahaHAHAHA!!!! i’ve gotta rub it in a little bit.

Wesley Button posted:

Fish Steer A Dhow posted:

lol mod meltdown


Sorry — no one is above the rules.

WB: hell yes. i’m on fire tonight. time to prowl.

WB scans each and every thread in his most hated forum to find posts that step out of line. he makes his vengeance known.

WB quotes everyone in his thread and gives ordinary, pithy replies. he’s on top of the world and can’t be bothered to stop for some ordinary lf posters. but one post stops him dead in his tracks

Cycloneman posted:

swampman posted:

It needs to be said that you fucking suck VladTemplar, all your threads and posts are complete shit from the memes like “LFest” to the political opinions that might as well be fresh-squeezed from the brains of aborted fetal pigs. Stop posting for at least a year and think about what youve done.


I’d like to contest this and any other similar probations. The poster “swampman,” as you can see, is making a concrete criticism of the OP. He makes it clear the OP’s failings – shitty political opinions, low-quality memes – and then offers a solution. The rules heavily imply that “threadshitting” does not include valid criticism, see here:


7. First-page threadshitting will get you punishment
7a. img-timeline is valid criticism

WB: shit! he’s clearly right…this whole rules lawyering gimmick has a hole and this guy found it. what do i do? shit, shit….wait…aha, i’ve spotted a flaw in his argument!

Wesley Button posted:

Cycloneman posted:

Wesley Button posted:

Actually the only explicit exception is img-timeline; everything else can fall under “First Page threadshitting”.

Thus the use of the term “imply.” If someone says that a rule does not apply to a particular case because X is true, that implies that it does not apply to any case where X is true.

Right. He wasn’t posting img-timeline. This really isn’t up for debate anyways. This forum has been funny/joking for long enough.

WB: that should seal it. it’s airtight now.

Cycloneman posted:


When are you going to stop probating posters for no good reason because you lost your Bush avatar? Just out of curiosity.

WB: what the FUCK? we were having a sound argument and he pulls out this ad hom shit? i don’t think so buddy

WB smashes the warn button and tosses him a probation.

Wesley Button posted:

To answer your question, I will stop probating posters for THE RULES when this forum is designated as a “fyad-lite” or something fyad-equivalent. Also, FSAD gave me the Bush avatar, but I don’t usually know who gives me these things (including this one).

WB: That guy is totally owned. i really AM the best poster!!!!

The credits begin to roll, but they get distorted and eventually pulled off of the screen. an image of a padlock opening appears, and the screen promises some secret footage to follow…


Wesley Button: Mad About Money: A Play In Three Acts: Director’s Cut

Act X: The Clash of the Moderators! Sparks Flying and Igniting The Forums in Chaos!!!

WB, satisfied with his posting, still feels the sting of his financial hit.

Wesley Button posted:

lil sartre posted:

i hope he doesnt get demoded he does seem quite butthurt over this thing but hes actually around all day modding and stuff unlike cefte who only stopped by to probate a few posters when he alt-tabbed out of his internet spaceships mmo

do you mind if i joke ban you

WB, seeing an opening, decides to engage fsad directly

Wesley Button posted:

also fsad can i joke ban you

WB: he’s gotta take this fucking bait. i’m going to fucking destroy him with this rules lawyer gimmick he won’t be able to do anything at all

Fish Steer A Dhow posted:

Nope I don’t like jokes

WB: YES! hook line and sinker. now for the easy part, to outpost him and send him whimpering back to lf. well, the other threads in lf.

Wesley Button posted:

i dont like pay jokes, just free ones, can you paypal me $20 to cover your pay joke

Fish Steer A Dhow posted:

For history’s sake the reason we instituted the ban on threadshitting was that a point was reached in LF maybe a year ago? Or more? Anyway whatever thread was posted, people would just post how much the thread sucked and how it wasn’t interesting or novel or was boring or it shouldn’t have been posted or some variation thereof and that basically ruined any thread no matter what it was before it had a chance to begin because once a meta argument as to the validity of a thread begins it can’t get back on track. We banned threadshitting, banned the people who kept doing it, because we can’t just delete individual posts like in FYAD, which I’m sure you can understand does a lot to keep a thread consistently funny or we wouldn’t have needed the rule.

Threadshitting doesn’t mean you have to treat everything serious it means don’t literally shit on the mental, physical and spiritual act of posting the thread itself.

WB: hahahahah look at all those fucking words. he cares so fucking much about lf what a loser. i’m the best poster. gotta keep things short to keep my edge

Wesley Button posted:

ah so it wasn’t a joke and i was actually threadshitting, okay, i’ll queue them up for bans from now on, sorry i didn’t know we were cracking down on this. unless it was a joke, in which case id like my money back

WB: perfect. if he doesn’t go along with this then he has to pay me. if he does, everyone in lf gets banned. i’ve trapped him. there’s no way out.

Fish Steer A Dhow posted:

Wesley Button casts logic maze you are *!*ANNIHILATED*!*

WB slams his fist down on the table

WB: how can this BE??? he called me on my gimmick? this will NOT stand

Wesley Button posted:

so is tha ta no? jw

Wesley Button posted:

Be Depressive posted:

Wait, if you’re a mod and someone joke bans you, you have to pay to come back? You can’t just call up your friend who made you a mod in the first place and have them unban you for free? Really?

Yeah, its a really funny joke that costs you $25 bucks if you paid for everything on your account (I didnt but Im just giving you a total audit. Transparency, the LF way). Hahaha doesnt it sound funny and not bougie. I empithize with the woarkeng class

Wesley Button posted:

Tragic Fat Detective posted:

Maybe the mods shouldn’t ban one another as a joke

Nah dude it was just a joke relax *steals $30 from your wallet* ahahha dude no hahah no im not giving it back just chill out, what are you mad about lol

WB: i’m being kinda hard on these people, i need to bring them back into the fold here, show some comraderie

Wesley Button posted:

Fall Sick and Die posted:

I think it was funny, hopefully you’re like seriously *poor* poor this way I can directly translate the what is it now, $40 you spent recovering your account into McDonalds dollar menu items

lol its really obvious to virtually everyone how stupid what you did was

Wesley Button posted:

Fall Sick and Die posted:

Welcome to the Real World

in the real world youd be arraigned for theft and probably have the book thrown at you for your attitude but im not surprised that an Internet Socialist isnt acquainted with planet earth lmao

Fall Sick and Die posted:

I don’t consider “im gonna poop in my mouthand wipe the poopy drool on bigets” a joke either but at least what I did made people laugh

WB: it just keeps coming! i can’t handle this. how the hell is fsad beating me in forums warfare? let me tell you something fsad. you haven’t seen the end of me. not here. not yet.


For those who aren’t familiar with the DSM, let me start with their own summary:


Psychiatric Diagnoses are categorized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Better known as the DSM, the manual is published by the American Psychiatric Association and covers all mental health disorders for both children and adults. It also lists known causes of these disorders, statistics in terms of gender, age at onset, and prognosis as well as some research concerning the optimal treatment approaches.

Anyway I’m a psych phD candidate and I’m doing my thesis on how the freedom and anonymity granted by the internet has allowed a host of personality disorders which we once thought were really limited to show up in far greater percentages of the population than we previously thought suffered from them. I’m going to keep this as simple as I can because this isn’t an academic journal but I thought that people here would be interested because they might have run across something like this before and there’s a lot of debate in the psychiatric community about whether to expand the DSM to include new diagnoses like these. These internet disorders don’t always fit into the traditional case studies, they can’t be described as simply Antisocial, Borderline or Narcissistic, though many will share features while others exhibit some entirely new symptoms. I’m specifically studying something I and Dr. Roberto Cuoggi at the University of Parma have jointly termed Histrionic Narcissistic Posting Personality Disorder or HNPPD. Allow me to present to you a brief history of my primary case study, a young man from the Mid-West named W.B. (not going to post real names because I’m bound to keep things anonymous).

W.B. is in his mid 20s. He grew up in a fairly standard middle class household, without incidences of physical, emotional or sexual abuse, nothing that would specifically result in HNPPD developing, which is one of the hallmarks of internet posting personality disorders, they seem to spring not from external stimuli but rather from some internally damaged factor in their brain that only becomes evident when placed in a situation of social anonymity and reduced or nonexistent consequences. He’s a university student working on his bachelor’s degree, but he’s older than the traditional university student, because he has difficulty following through. He spends upwards of 50-70 hours per week online, though he would at the same time claim that he doesn’t like the internet and isn’t interested in it. He maintains few meaningful social relationships; those who do know him would be surprised at the amount of time and energy he puts into his internet life, in effect he has separated himself into two beings, his public life where he is neither special nor particularly well liked, and his internet life which we will discuss now.

The hallmark of internet posting personality disorders is that the online posting persona that a person affects is in many ways a complete foil of the person’s public personality. While online W.B. is outrageous, in life he is softspoken and uncontroversial. Online he is a divisive personality to whom people pay attention whether they like him or not, whereas in life W.B. is mild and though he does not consider himself so, others would describe him as quiet and shy. Online he can maintain the appearance of control, while in real life he often feels powerless, lacks real focus or direction, and has constantly evolving desires or plans for the rest of his life, thus his failure to take a degree, his failure to have a successful long-term sexual relationship, and his need to compensate for these things by hysterically posting on the internet.

Even on the internet, W.B. is deeply conflicted, because while he claims to “not care” about anything, previous statements have shown him to be hyper-sensitive to the slightest critique and overly involved in every aspect of posting life. Often his biggest critique is the idea of “care” thus, when he acts out in an attention seeking manner that draws criticism, he attempts to undercut the criticism by mocking those who criticize for caring what he does, while if he takes the situation from the opposite point of view, when W.B. cares about a situation, it is always legitimate.

I’d like to go over a few of W.B.’s quotes that I think reflect HNPPD:
W.B. posted:

this shit is pretty much what fyad originally railed against: self-important morons who think there’s no big thing about banning people but who flail like the girl in the exorcist when called on their ineptitude

This post references a joke banning that W.B. received. As this was a clear indication that others were favored above him in that such a thing was approved by the community administration at large, this was taken as a serious assault upon the posting personality that W.B. had constructed for himself, yet he could not take the situation calmly, but rather was forced to draw further attention to himself to reassert the posting personality he had created for himself. Though by far the majority of people simply did not care, by selectively listening to those comments he wished to hear and dismissing those that did not agree with him, W.B. was able to craft statements like this while fully believing them:

W.B. posted:

actually almost everyone in this thread is either confused or says it’s stupid, but i guess it is funny that you admit it took you the value of $25 to make people laugh

When W.B. was removed from his position of authority due to his histrionics, he retreated to a more insular community where he felt safe, until such a time that his self-esteem had recovered sufficiently, but he left a series of parting words that sought to establish that rather than any fault being in his actions, it was the community itself that was problematic. Note that he will specifically project his own fears of leading a worthless life onto those that he publicly rejects, attempting to exorcise his own fears.

W.B. posted:

i’m glad i’m done modding this shithole, i guarantee you most of the people here will do absolutely nothing with themselves irl

When W.B. was returned to a position of authority out of spite for the community itself, he immediately undertook to revenge himself for past slights by striking out at those posters who had disagreed or mocked him in the past. By utilizing the power implicit in the position, he was of course able to affect his will regardless of the desires of the community. Those specific posters who had made fun of him in the past and generally been far more successful in being well-liked, amusing and interesting than him were of course the first targets. One well-liked and uncontroversial poster was immediately banned by W.B. in an attempt to show that he was a powerful individual, attempting to force this poster to either embarrass himself publicly and betray friends and family at the demand of W.B., or be ejected from the community. Due to the lack of any meaningful oversight within the community, this was allowed to proceed. W.B. of course failed to appreciate any insight as to the real reasons why he had done this. His own rationalizations of trolling, comedy, and not caring fall by the wayside when we analyze the individual himself, and recognize that every slight must be avenged, every doubter converted or ejected. W.B. fails to appreciate, as do all narcissists, that power does not equal blanket approval for all things that one does by any community of individuals.

The gross cynicism of expressing his own deeply-felt rage and fear when he was ejected from the community, and the undignified hysterical response that he made upon realizing that he had no power and was not wanted, would seem strange and inconsistent to a casual observer when they note his behavior and treatment of another poster who was banned for “comedy”, however when one takes into account the diagnosis of HNPPD the reasoning becomes clear. Anything that W.B. does is by definition ‘correct’, and any slights against him are by definition ‘incorrect’, thus any action taken against him, even if well-deserved, is seen as not merely a crime against him but against common sense and the wishes of the community, but only by W.B. In the case of the reverse, if W.B. slights an individual randomly or with prejudice, it is seen by W.B. as being done for legitimate reasons, irregardless of logic or general consensus.

W.B. posted:

actually i just started my own business, am expecting my first child, and am preparing a wedding. hardly pathetic

im the best poster everyone quote htis

im a clausen, a gladiator, and gay

new rule: No one but [W.B.] shall be referred to as the best poster

These quotes are indicative of the fantasy life that W.B. has created for himself. When called upon to justify his actions, his attitude, his personality, he retreats into fantasy. He has at times presented himself as a successful musician, a boyfriend, a father, a master’s student, a doctor, a volunteer in South America, sexually active, emotionally stable, well-liked, intelligent, interesting, engaging, possessed of a wide corpus of knowledge, and many other things that when seen objectively simply aren’t true. When on rare occasions he does abandon his posting persona to engage in serious discussion, his posts are rarely consistent intellectually, and riddled with non-ironic spelling errors of concepts he does not understand. W.B. would likely claim when called upon to justify these statements by someone in life that they are jokes, and that he is in effect, joking. But this thin veneer of justification covers a deeper truth, our final conclusion, that W.B. is deeply insecure, and values above all the collective laurels of a group of a few hundred anonymous internet posters simply due to his being able to exert complete control over the image that he can present of himself, as opposed to the fundamentally mediocre individual who exists in life outside of the internet.

Thus we present the following entry for the DSM-V, and will be presenting papers to prominent psych journals with far more detailed case studies.

Like most posting personality disorders, there are many factors that may contribute to the development of symptoms. Because the symptoms are long lasting, the idea that symptoms begin to emerge when they first bought their account is well-accepted. The negative consequences of such symptoms, however, may not show themselves until they find a forum where their anti-social tendencies are tolerated, or they achieve some position of posting authority, possibly granted by a pasty toad of a man who spent several years of his life opening mail and counting the nickels sent by children to purchase anime hats on the world’s largest forum for children.

The symptoms of histrionic posting personality disorder revolve around a pattern of grandiosity, frenetic posting, need for admiration, and sense of entitlement. Often individuals feel overly important and will exaggerate achievements and will accept, and often demand, praise and admiration despite worthy achievements. They may be overwhelmed with fantasies involving unlimited success, power, love, or beauty and feel that they can only be understood by others who are, like them, superior in some aspect of life.

There is a sense of entitlement, of being more deserving than others based solely on their superiority. These symptoms, however, are a result of an underlying sense of inferiority and are often seen as overcompensation. Because of this, they are often envious and even angry of others who have more, receive more respect or attention, or otherwise steal away the spotlight. When they achieve positions of power they often strike out at those who have slighted them, and will frenetically oppose even the slightest criticism, calling in any and everyone who they are able, even if they are not members of the community itself, in an attempt to produce a false consensus that they are a respected, humorous, talented and loved individual.

Treatment for this disorder is very rarely sought. There is a limited amount of insight into the symptoms, and the negative consequences are often blamed on bad posters,. In this sense, treatment options are limited. Some research has found long term stop-posting oriented therapy to be effective, but getting the individual to commit to this treatment is a major obstacle.

Prognosis is limited and based mainly on the individual’s ability to recognize their underlying inferiority and decreased sense of self worth. With insight and long term therapy, the symptoms can be reduced in both number and intensity.


play adapted from a true story
Special thanks to


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