Prison Rape: Real, Rampant, and Sure as Hell Not Funny – HidingFromGoro – Nov 09 (2/13)

Pound Me in the Ass Prison, LOL That’s Hilarious Bro
Prison Rape: Real, Rampant, and Sure as Hell Not Funny…udio/Bryson.mp3

Alberto Gonzales’ DOJ admits to over 60,000 rapes per year in prison. Human Rights Watch and other NGO’s involved put the number at more than twice that. For reference, this is what 60,000 people looks like:

HidingFromGoro posted:

Chris J. got gang-raped in prison today. He needs surgery to fix his rectum, and probably other medical attention for the rest of his injuries but he’s probably not going to get it. He knows this and is thinking about the pain his rectal scarring is going to cause him for the rest of his life. He laid in his bed for a little while covered in semen and his own blood thinking about AIDS. Since shower time has come and gone, he cleaned himself up with the water in the toilet, he also sat on it for a long time trying as hard as he could to evacuate all the semen out of him. His phone card was stolen as punishment for fighting back and he doesn’t have any money in his account to call anyone on the outside, so he’s just trying to deal with it on his own. Many inmates and guards are already making fun of him and discussing prices for having a go at him within his earshot. After TV time he’s going to have to try and sleep in his cell with 2 other guys who ain’t trying to hear his sob story and may even have been involved in his attack.

The pictures of his wife and kids were taken as punishment with promises to defecate or ejaculate on them while a different man was inside him as further punishment for fighting back. He’s been clean for 9 months but that heroin would make all this pain go away for just a little while. Chris is more likely than not to go back to the heroin.

Chris will never be able to fully express the pain and rage caused by his rape even to a professional; and he’s definitely not getting insurance which covers the help he needs when he gets out. This psychological trauma will have a severe impact on his ability to have healthy relationships on the Outside- out in the World- and will likely lead to bad arguments with his wife resulting in domestic violence. The effects his mental state has on his kids will be profound and probably irreversible. They might grow up in the sort of state in which prison is a very real possibility. When they find out what happened to dad how will they react?

His pain and anger will manifest itself in all sorts of ways and he might go off on some taxpayer in a convenience store or seriously injure someone who cuts him off in traffic. When that happens Chris will go back to prison and there will be similar ripple effects on his victims. Even if that doesn’t happen remember Chris uses heroin to suppress his pain and will likely be re-arrested on a drug charge or a property crime he did to get heroin money.

Since there are no secrets in prison when Chris returns it will already be known he is a bitch who likes it in the ass, and he will have to become someone’s sex slave. Staff will encourage this. Or he can stab somebody to try get a new rep. If he wins the knife fight & isn’t killed outright, the person he kills has loved ones & family members who will become enraged at this, and the violence will continue.

What happened to Chris happened to 200 people today if you go by Alberto Gonzales’ DOJ. If you go by HRW it happened to more than 400 people. This does not include juveniles in programs like Nihilanthic posts.

This is every day, every state. There are no exceptions. Going by HRW’s numbers it’s one Chris every four minutes.

You could be the next Chris, no matter how white you are- no matter how rich your family is. The Machine cares not. It must feed and It will feed.

And the Machine will never be satisfied.

Here’s some more prison rape articles…son/voices.html…-the-abuse-too/

What I would give if only prison rape was treated as seriously as non-prison rape. I’ve held so many survivors in my arms and… well, I can’t explain it. That sharing of insecurities, fears, pain, loss, and rage simply cannot be described, and I’ll not try to do so except in the case of Chris who explicitily wanted it out there. The courage it takes to collapse in man’s arms after another man (or men) have violated and destroyed so much of your psyche… I don’t think I’ll ever be as strong as Chris. My best wishes and blessings go out to all who talk to survivors, be they inmates or not.

There is a world where people look down on prison rape jokes, and ostracize those who tell them- a world where that act is seen as vile and disgusting no matter what crime may have been alleged or convicted. That world is just around the corner, and we are so close, we are so close to making that a reality.


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